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Strategic Goals

Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales is a company which belongs to the Sacyr Group, and as such is committed to a responsible business model, focused on creating long term value for all our stakeholders, with the aim of helping our society and economy to progress towards sustainable development. Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales considers responsible management to be an essential undertaking for its stakeholders, by virtue of which the company must act respectfully and always take into account the rights, needs and wishes of the different groups and environments with which it interacts.

All our business decisions have to be shaped by this basic rule, from strategic decisions up to decisions made on a day-to-day basis. The goal of the Master Plan is to establish an order of priorities in the field of CR, and specific targets which can be measured so that we can assess the efficiency of responsible management in Sacyr. In accordance with the terms of the Sacyr Corporate Responsibility Master Plan, our Mission, Vision and Values are defined as follows:

  • Mission: To focus our activities on society using a sustainable, viable corporate management model that adds value for all stakeholders by applying innovation, technological development and excellent execution to all activities performed by our lines of business.
  • Vision:To maintain an integrated and diverse group of reference for society that works towards the sustainable, conscious development of society's new needs in order to build a better future by guaranteeing responsible decision-making in all our activities and ensuring that our stakeholders are satisfied.
  • Values :innovation, excellence, focus on people, team spirit, austerity and commitment.


Servicio estacionamiento
Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales se ha adjudicado el servicio de Mantenimiento y conservación de zonas verdes, parques, jardines y arbolado de alineación del Municipio de Majadahonda (Madrid)
Servicio estacionamiento
Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales prestará el servicio de limpieza viaria, recogida, mantenimiento y reparación de vías públicas e infraestructuras, así como la jardinería, en el municipio de Leganés (Madrid)
Servicio estacionamiento
Valoriza Servicios Medioambientes consolida la diversificación en servicios a la ciudad con contratos de conservación de vías, jardinería e instalaciones deportivas.